Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mushroom cultivation Merang

Merang fungus or by any other name "Volvariella volvacea, synonyms: Volvaria volvacea, Agaricus volvaceus, Amanita virgata virgata or Vaginata" is a fungus that has a very high protein but it can increase immunity. This mushroom is very useful for the staple food. To make the mushroom Merang Very easy to learn and can be developed. Its cultivation was not too difficult to harvest the fruit body is not fully developed (the bud), although the fruiting bodies that had opened his umbrella could still be consumed. Merang fungus is also very delicious taste, is used for a variety of dishes, like chicken noodle mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms, Pepes mushrooms, soup, capjay, and others. Other benefits can reduce agricultural waste, ie from bagasse, rice, or cotton. Here we use the media compos cane and straw / rice. This will be explained below picture mushroom cultivation:

A brief description of Cultivation Merang mushrooms.
  1. Make sure the Media Compos, such as compos sugarcane and 95% dry fingers. Tidakperlu soaked in water for composting. The most common rapid composting with lime plus the dead in order to neutralize the acidity. Composting made 4 days fermented.
  2. Compos reversed and mixed bran 10% by weight of the media. If we use the media compos cane and rice, then the ratio 3: 1 in other words 3 sacks compos compos cane and a bag of rice or straw.
  3. Demolition compass to put beds or shelves arranged according to the rack. Next Sterilarisasi compos in beds or racks for 8 hours at temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. Then allowed to cool to a temperature drop of approximately 30-35 degrees Celsius. Then compacted in the compos in for seed beds.
It is a little picture of mushroom cultivation. If the composting process is wrong, it will cause fungal diseases than others or bacteria. For media use compos cane Composting can be used 3-4 times a disposable, but when the medium using a compos rice or straw can be used only once. For accumulation can be done like this :

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